Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello Racers, Riders and all you two-wheeled loving friends. Adam here from the Fat Fish mountain biking race team. Welcome to our team blog site. This is going to be the place for you to find out about local bike rides, races, trails, tips, race results and maybe even more.

If you are reading this post, chances are you noticed a flyer about a hill climb ride that we are hosting on Thursday, the 29th of April. That's awesome and I sure hope you can make it to this fun (AND FREE) event. If you can't make it to the hill climb, thats OK. The Fat Fish Racing team plans on hosting a bundle of other Thursday night throw-downs along with some big weekend events as the summer passes along.

For now, our Thursday night events will be free to all. All of us Fat Fish are feeling the drag from difficult economic times and we want to make it easy for everyone with a bike to get to one, or all, of our rides.

We are calling this event a Competitive Ride. The events will have the laid back atmosphere of your regular ol' Saturday morning ride with your best buds, but will be a little more competitive because you will be timed and there will be race results posted online.

The Fat Fish hope everyone who reads the flyer will be at the hill climb on Thursday. Please RSVP by voting on the questionaire to the right of this post. We are going to have a little bit of food for everyone there and something to drink as well. If you will not be able to make it there this Thursday but hope to make it to another one of our rides, please vote on the questionaire by choosing the no option.

Great things are coming to Casper in 2010 in the world of cycling! The Fat Fish will keep you updated them all.

So what about this hill climb????? Ha, it's about time I get to that.
It was literally last night that I was riding up this amazing trail and imagining a hill climb that would attract everyone with a bike in the Casper area. This 3 mile mixed trail (70% jeep trail and 30% cattle trail single track) is for absolutely ANYONE. The steepest part of the trail is within the first 3/4 mile, so you can attack that while you are fresh. The rest of the trail is short bursty type trail. If you are out to have fun and finish a 1000+ ft climb, then there are PLENTY of tame sections to rest between the steeper bursts. Don't worry, for all of you competitive folks out there, we will keep it interesting for you. Why??? Because the Fish will be there!!!! Leif, Nathan, Neil and I will push you as hard as you can go for 30 minutes of pain. If that's your thing.

Well, I'm headed to Fruita, CO in a few hours to compete in the first race with the MSC series. I'm pretty pumped that I get to race the same course as the Pro's. It will be good to gauge where I stand (rather, how far behind I stand) with the top dogs in the West.

I hope to have pictures and way more information about the ride by Monday. As for right now, here are the things you need to know about the competitive ride:

Who: Anyone who wants to challenge themselves and enjoys eating hotdogs after a workout.
What: This is going to be 3+ miles, but not over 4. If my GPS is right, around 1200ft elevation gain in 3 miles. We are thinking about adding up to another half a mile and maybe another 50ft of elevation or so.
WHEN: Thursday, April 29. 6pm Open wave starts. One minute later the beginner wave starts.
Where: 10 minutes West of the West-side Walmart. Left at the Goose Egg Inn Restaurant and up the road a half a mile. Plenty of parking. (No toilets.... sorry)
Why: Because you deserve to get outside and finish something difficult. You will feel so good about yourself and most importantly, because you CAN!!!

I'll post again this Monday with any new info. Until then, Enjoy and remember...

Keep the rubber side down.


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