Friday, April 30, 2010

Fat Fish Racing: The Results Show.

The first "timed ride" of the year has come and gone, and the Fish are so happy that all of you could make it. We had a very impressive turn out for advertising this ride in just 6 days. Thank you to everyone who expressed their gratitude towards the land owner who allowed us to ride through his property. Also, thank you everyone who came up to one of the Fish to shake our hand and say thanks. That means a lot to us and just motivates us more to do something like this again. So when is the next one???? Hopefully soon, but stay posted. Look for the flyers around town and check the blog once a week to see if we have any new information.

The results are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Pre ride instructions
Pictures from the ride up. Some single track/cattle trail
Leif daddy hammering up the hill with his son Fisk enjoying his efforts from the comfort of the trailer.

Above and below: Picture of the riders sprinting the last 100 yards of the hill climb.

The ride down.

Open Category
Name Time Place
Adam Leiferman 21:47 1
Ben Emery 21:51 2
Colby Frontiero 21:59 3
Chris Dowbin 23:15 4
Mikah Rush 23:18 5
Michael Belser 24:16:00 6
Eric Christensen 25:39:00 7
Steve Jagielo 25:58:00 8
Nathan Cook 27:21:00 9
Clint Conner 27:48:00 10
Nicole Gurnicz 29:20:00 11
Ben Smith 30:22:00 12
Leif Johanssen 38:05:00 13
Beginner Category

Andrew Beamer 27:26:00 1
Mike McLemore 28:02:00 2
Kelly Rush 32:10:00 3
Eric Easton 32:43:00 4
Nick Eglseder 36:30:00 5
Dan Straks 37:50:00 6
Julianne Christensen 38:40:00 7
Frank Wagonger 41:57:00 8
Martin Frias 55:08:00 9
Rich Turville 56:52:00 10

Great job everyone!

See you at the next ride and remember,

keep the rubber side down....... ( Steve! )


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